Name: Yuka Bouuchi
Nationality: Japan
Birth Date: December 8, 1974
Height: 152cm



New 2017.02.03

Yuka Bouuchi (Butoh dancer , Life coach )

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan, 1974.
Joined the classic cultural dance group of "日本舞踊 Nihon-Buyou" in Fukuoka in 1977-1993. Later on, she started interacting with another cultural dances "歌舞伎 Kabuki""狂言, Kyou-gen""巫女舞, Miko-mai" "舞踏, Butoh" and psychologist. She met a "Natural Physical Poet" dancer Mushimaru Fujieda and he became a mentor of her The encounter was in 1993.Thereafter, she joined his tour as a performer with numerous performances inside and outside of Japan. Since 1994, she has been inspired by the spirit of the "播磨陰陽道 Way of yin and yang from Harima" that wisdom of ancient.
Yuka Bouuchi is a DANCER.
For the activity of the area and the activation of your life she is dancing.
At the same time, she formed a unit of Dance and music. It's called "舞心 mai-shin"
The unit was configured with the Yin Yang way's chant, the flute named "龍笛 dragon flute", the piano, the sound of nature and the dancers.
Joining in festivals such as Korea Butoh Festival, Germany performing art Festival, etc, she has been presenting her solo pieces. And she has been mainly based in Osaka Prefecture of Japan, working on Performance collaboration projects with dancers and actors and Business artist in Tokyo, Fukuoka Prefecture, France, Germany, Indonesia, America, Korea, and other countries.
Started offering Improvisation dance workshops on a monthly basis. Every month since 2009 workshops named "舞心塾 mai-shin-jyuku" are held.

In 2016, she has started a new global project called "Standing".
It includes workshops. One of the WS is "Standing Lesson" that opened in Hawaii since February 2017. It is shortest dance lesson for your "Standing". It can make to take first step. It exists for the beginning of everything.
"To stand"
It exists for our dreams come true.
Dance is life.

ご来場の方への紹介文 2015.05.15

1977年より日本舞踊を学び、日本文化に親しむ。 (陰陽道、着物、歌舞伎、狂言、儀式)
2009年よりDANCEワークショップを開催。 (毎月:大阪・門司港/不定期:東京)
所属:The Physical Poets,舞心,播磨陰陽師

Improvisational BUTOH dancer. DANCE performer,leader,hereditary role of narrator and a prayer.
Born in Mojiko,Fukuoka, Japan. Graduated from Kyoto University of Arts and Design.
1977 Started learning Japanese traditional dance, familiar with Japanese culture.
1993 Met Mushimaru Fujieda,"Natural Physical Poet" .Started a representing on the improvisation,and performing in Japan and around the world.
2009 Started offering DANCE workshops on a monthly basis.

松浦孝アトリエ オープニングイベント 2015.10.3


伝承と創造  陰陽の舞人 坊内由香

(この日の音楽はwind rumorさんと虫たち。衣装はロンドン在住のKumiko Taniさんから遥々海を越えて。)

WORKSHOP in Kansai Music Conference 2011.9.18


Heart Dance School: Body & Soul, in Harmony「舞心塾:響きあうこころとからだ」

Get a chance to exercise your heart, mind & body all at the same time while enjoying traditional aspects of Asian culture like the Shinto Chant & "Dragon Flute" with a world famous flutist.

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